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Writing Instruments make excitinggifts for holidays, birthdays or any special occasion.

Writing instruments technology from SCHMIDT Technology – outstandingly better!


For more than half a century SCHMIDT Technology has been developing and producing highly sophisticated solutions for major brands of writing
instruments all over the world.Solid and orientated to a qualitative expansion SCHMIDT Technology continuously developed into a company with
international reputation. Visionary and innovative, our company introduces again and again new writing instruments technologies, which are
always in line with the ever changing market requirements. For centuries inventive talent and the knowhow of the most sophisticated processing
methods are concentrated in the Black Forest and allow to achieve excellent results in precision technologies. Indeed, the development of SCHMIDT
Technology with its three divisions Writing instruments technology Machines Sensor technology exceeds this by far. At an early stage already
technological synergies have been recognized and constantly strengthened. Anti-cyclical thinking and acting continuously resulted in outstanding
innovations positioning our company as market leader today. In cooperation with universities and research institutes technological pioneer work
has been realized, being responsible for the company’s worldwide reputation. Therefore, SCHMIDT Technology is in a position to offer customized
solutions and specific productions, which are thoroughly worked out in our R&D department and accurately implemented in our production facilities.
Virtually all well-known writing instruments brands trust in the high-class, innovative and reliable products of SCHMIDT Technology. They all
know: Who will work today and tomorrow in the premium markets, has no other choice but offering uncompromising quality. With our technology this
is ensured without any doubt. Thanks to a corporate philosophy based on high ethical principles it was possible to create human working conditions
reflecting the particular involvement and exceptional creativity of every employee. Always striving to reach the best and to challenge the
existing – these principles are the basis of our success.The range of experience spans from  standard mechanisms and writing components to
complete writing instruments. In close dialogue with the customers SCHMIDT Technology develops and  manufactures writing highlights on demand. The
solutions are always tailored to the unique customer requirements. Are you looking for individual solutions and innovative writing ideas? Do you
want to upgrade your existing product lines or realize new design concepts? If so, SCHMIDT Technology is the partner of your choice. Extensive R&D
facilities, qualified experts and a vertical range of manufacturing enable us to realize your ideas quickly and flexible. This “time to market”
approach allows you to generate quick turnover and to save your money. SCHMIDT Technology is your international R&D centre and production partner
for world class writing instruments.The modern and generously planned production facilities of SCHMIDT Technology offer employment opportunities
for people working with passion for precision and quality. Highly qualified engineers and chemists know how to handle the complex interaction of
mechanics, physics and chemistry in our products. On top our strict quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 enables us to produce
precision within the microns range even in large production runs.

In this environment we produce and develop:

SCHMIDT® advancing mechanisms
SCHMIDT® pencil mechanisms
SCHMIDT® fountain pen technology
SCHMIDT® writing units

SCHMIDT® System Mechanisms:

The idea of creating a set turned out to developing a system mechanism, which enables the use of a G2 large capacity refill as well as our system
pencil mechanisms DSM 2005, DSM 2006, DSM 2007 and DSM 2008. Consequently the production of pen housings for the actions "twist" and "push button"
as well as "sliding cap" is becoming very economical. The system mechanism is mounted into the upper part of the pen. The front part of the
housing can now take a G2 large capacity refill or a system pencil mechanism. Great advantage for the producer: create a writing set including a
ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil within one and the same housing. Twist mechanisms are equipped with a friction sleeve avoiding an
overtwisting of the mechanism. This offers an additional protection for your high-quality writing instrument.

SCHMIDT® One-colour Mechanisms:

Actuating mechanisms for one-colour mechanisms are available for unlimited purposes: For twisting, pushing or sliding of all refills with ISO or
special dimensions. You will find the most suitable actuating mechanism for your ballpoint pen in our programme. We are also specialized in
developing special solutions according to your specifications. Our KDM type push button mechanisms are designed to work with our G2 large capacity
ballpoint pen refills as well as with our DSM 2005 – 2008 system pencil mechanisms. Our DR type twist mechanisms (KS for ballpoint pens and DS for
pencils) are compatible to each other. This means that only one pen housing is required for both writing systems.

color mec

 SCHMIDT® Multicolour and Multisystem Mechanisms:

Today consumers increasingly expect top quality and innovative writing instruments in an attractive design. Particular attention is obtained by
writing instruments which allow to write in various colours or with several writing systems – like a small office. The possibilities offered by
such leading edge products match in a special way today's consumers' requests.

SCHMIDT Technology is offering mechanismsthat meet all consumers' needs. Ample combinations between ballpoint pens, pencil mechanisms and
multicolour ballpoint pens are thinkable. Your customers' requirements will be accomplished by us in a perfect way.

SCHMIDT Technology stands for premium quality, perfect reliability and durability of all mechanisms for writing instruments. The advantages of

SCHMIDT Technology's mechanisms for the customer are obvious.


Push and twist pencils are traditional and at the same time fashionable. Especially in our computer age the fast and erasable pencil stroke is
getting increasingly popular. Using a mechanical pencil to make entries in your agenda, taking quick notes during a conversation or making a
sketch is most comfortable. Today, SCHMIDT® push pencil mechanisms are mostly designed and produced according to customers' requirements. Your
special demands and product profiles are always a challenge for us and our ambitious specialists. SCHMIDT® push pencil mechanisms have
proven their quality in many mechanical pencils of many renowned pen manufacturers during decades.

 The culture of writing is celebrated by the use of the most prestigious writing instrument, the fountain pen. Therefore, we don't accept any
compromise when the quality of your writing instrument is concerned. SCHMIDT® fountain pen technology is offering a vast variety of choices for
the design of your fountain pens. For decades SCHMIDT Technology has been developing and producing finest fountain pen nib units for the most
famous brands of the world.


The SCHMIDT® fountain pen program offers a wide array of different writing nibs of different materials and surface treatments. This range is
completed by a collection of piston converters and most recently a readyto-build-in piston fountain pen unit. In addition to SCHMIDT® fountain pen
technology, SCHMIDT® RollingBall front parts have been developed, which allow the creation of sets.

SCHMIDT® ink feeding system FH 452 ensures a reliable function in all situations. Even in the cabin of an aircraft, where the conditions are
really extreme, this system guarantees absolute security. safe on everyday life conditions. Extensive tests in co-operation with Lufthansa have
confirmed: SCHMIDT® ink feeding systems meet the highest safety requirements.
Flexible with decrease of pressure. With increasing flight altitude, the cabin pressure decreases and the SCHMIDT® ink feeding system fills. Even
in this extreme situation SCHMIDT® fountain pen technology comes up to the highest requirements of a first-rate quality product.
reliable in cruising altitude. In an altitude of 11 000 m the cabin pressure decreases to a value corresponding to an altitude of 2 500 m above
sea level (approx. 750 mbar). Even under these extreme conditions the precise SCHMIDT® ink feeding system guarantees writing pleasure without


Inner sealing caps for fountain pens and RollingBall The fountain pen nib units FH 1 – FH 241 are suitable for the use of fountain pens with “snap
fit caps”. In this case, the sealing holds the cap on the pen housing. A sealing is supplied together with the fountain pen nib unit. For the
fixation of the sealing in the fountain pen cap, the following versions are available:

Snap-fit sealing To be snapped into the turned part of the fountain pen cap

Tolerance compensation sealing To be pressed with “compensation of the length tolerance” into the turned part of the fountain pen cap

Screw sealing To be screwed into the turned part of the fountain pen cap

For nib wing spans of 6.1 mm and 7.0 mm, these inner sealing caps are available as “click” sealings with a sound, audible “click”.
For RollingBall front parts these types of sealings are also available without ventilation hole.

The SCHMIDT® cartridge-rollerballsystem PRS is the innovative basis for new rollerball pen concepts in premium quality. Thanks to its specially
developed low-wear ball tip, the SCHMIDT® cartridge-rollerball-system PRS comes up with previously unreached durability. The SCHMIDT® cartridge-
rollerballsystem PRS follows the functional principle of a fountain pen with common ink cartridges. The writing tip is used again and again and
will not be discarded. Writing instruments, fitted with the SCHMIDT® cartridge-rollerball-system PRS are therefore not only very economical
but in particular environmentally friendly. Talk to us, we support you with all our experience.

SCHMIDT Technology, the specialist in writing technology, presented a completely new class of writing instruments. The new generation of writing
systems is called SCHMIDT® easyFLOW 9000 and has found a very big response. More easily than any other writing system the tip of the SCHMIDT®
easyFLOW 9000 glides over the paper. The ink flow starts instantly even after a longer pause of writing. Easily, as never seen before, you get a
writing that is regular, strong, precise and clean.SCHMIDT® easyFLOW9000 combines the advantages of the well-known ballpoint refill with those of
a rollerball refill creating a completely new market segment in the field of writing instruments. SCHMIDT® easyFLOW 9000 made by SCHMIDT
Technology is actually predestinated to take high-valued writing instruments out of the middle class and to meet the demands of exigent customers
for a premium writing system.The SCHMIDT® easyFLOW9000 is available in the large capacity refill size G2 as per the standard DIN ISO 12757.
Thanks to the excellent cap-off time, cap sealings are not required. Therefore the SCHMIDT® easyFLOW 9000 is especially suitable for retractable
push and twist pens without cap – and this without using any safety mechanisms.

The SCHMIDT® Capless System is an innovative system for smooth and elegant writing. This system combines the individual writing characteristics of
a fountain pen with the convenience of a ballpoint pen. You don't need a protection cap for this any more. While the ink is drying quickly on the
paper, it does not so within the refill itself – for more than one year! The development of the SCHMIDT® Capless System proved once more the
innovation power of our company. Our high degree of creativity and technical performance enables us to continuously give impulses to the writing
instruments industry. This is crucial for our customers to maintain and develop their leading position on the market.

SCHMIDT® Liquid Ink Refills offer great performance and easy handling. This convenience is owed to an easy and smooth gliding over the paper. Pen
manufacturers all over the world rely on liquid ink refills from SCHMIDT Technology. SCHMIDT® Liquid Ink Refills with plastic tube are an
affordable alternative, and proved their quality in millions of pens worldwide. They are equipped with an end plug in their individual writing
colour and a protection cap in the colour of the writing system. SCHMIDT® Safety Refills avoid drying up by means of a sophisticated ventilation
system and are designed for use in writing instruments without perfect sealing caps.

SCHMIDT® MegaLine pressurized technology turns everything upside down! These highly sophisticated writing modules are based on an inside over
pressure. This enables not only a writing upside down or under the most extreme environmental conditions, but also a writing with highest
speeds. The SCHMIDT®MegaLine system allows to write and to draw in each possible situationwithout any problems – this is really cuttingedge
refill technology. Writing instruments equipped with SCHMIDT®MegaLine pressurized refills are a reliable partner for their owner – always
and everywhere. Thanks to their air tight system, these refills have a literally unlimited shelf-life.They are equipped with stainless steel tips
manufactured with utmost precision as well as special ink pastes developed exclusively for this purpose.

As the first manufacturer in Germany SCHMIDT Technology has been developing and producing ballpoint refills since more than half a century. The
long experience in development combined with special production techniques resulted in products with remarkable characteristics. Many
renowned writing instruments manufacturers worldwide assemble their ballpoint pens with refills coming from our company. SCHMIDT® Ballpoint
Refills of the Top Class are equipped with high-quality stainless tips and TC balls. SCHMIDT® Ballpoint Refills of the standard class are equipped
with brass or nickel silver tips.

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